The price structure created for the High School Student. The services
offered to the High School Student is to assist a student during the
transition period from a High School Student to a productive member of the
community and employable in the marketplace. The cost of the same
career services offered to the general public is on an average $600.00 to
$1,200.00 a year that we provide to the High School graduate for $20.00 to
$80.00 a year.

Because of this significant discount offered specifically to High School
graduates in the current year of graduation, we require a qualification
process. Each individual must provide proof and verification that they are
currently a student during the current year. An acceptable student
verification is a copy of the students last report card or other student
verification is required.

High School Student
High School
Career Counselor
Price, Terms and Conditions
Résumé writing and creation

Career Profile Manager Personal Job Search Web site
$5.00 a month

Future Résumé Changes and Modifications
$5.00 each

Original Resume
High School Student Qualification
Process Details
Services Provided
Payment Process
new job
Summer Job
Part time job
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