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Step 1.
The critical point in a job search is to have a professionally prepared
résumé. A résumé must be capable of being computer scanned for
skills, and formatting specifically to eliminate the potential for not being
considered because a computer cannot read a résumé. This is
accomplished by completing the résumé Input Form, access above, and
forwarding the information via e-mail for creation of your résumé by The
Original Résumé writers, recruiters and editing staff.

Step 2.
A cover letter is required to be prepared and sent with the résumé. This
cover letter is to introduce you to a potential employer so the hiring
company will understand why the résumé was sent and the exact
position you are seeking. The cover letter also assists in Equal
Opportunity Compliance (EEO). The sample cover letter is available for
view by clicking above, and may be personalized by inserting your
information as indicated.

Step 3.
The job search should include reading the newspaper classified
advertisements, searching the Internet and sending your résumé and
cover letter to the appropriate individual. Your résumé may be printed
and mailed as a hard copy, faxed or e-mailed. You may conduct an on-
line job search through 100+ Internet Job Posting Boards by connecting
to the job search section on the next page. You will be able to conduct a
job search according to the job type you are seeking, copy this
information for sending your résumé and cover letter via e-mail or
prepare, print and mail a cover letter and résumé.

Step 4.
Conduct a complete job search by accessing your personal Career Profile
Manager confidential web site as indicated above. This Career Profile
Manager web site enables you to conduct your full job search for jobs,
create a personalized cover letter and include it with a résumé, e-mail
the cover letter and résumé to prospective employers right on-line from
any computer. Additional options are to print your résumé at your local
printer and maintain a record of all your e-mails sent through the on-line
reporting system. References may also be placed on-line and turned off
and on at your discretion, facsimile and recruiter mass e-mailing
services are also available.
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